In a recent interview for a story by NPR, Faraday Copper’s Vice President of Investor Relations & Communications Stacey Pavlova said this:

“the company is re-circulating 95% of the water it’s using for its exploratory drilling back into aquifer”

Wait. What does that even mean?

We reached out the Arizona Department of Water Resources who issued the 3 permits for 27 holes, and this was the reply we received back.

I am not sure what Stacey’s term is in regards to “re-circulating”. 

The 3 permits can be viewed here. 12 holes, 14 holes and 1 hole.

Since Faraday Copper seemingly loves to communicate via LinkedIn, a local community member used that platform and tried to ask Faraday and Stacey what exactly that statement means. And in typical Faraday fashion…. crickets.

Here is the first post that raised that question. No response.

About a week later, there was a follow up. Still no response.

We reached out to the original author of the LinkedIn post to see if Faraday has responded directly. Surprise, Faraday has not!



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