“Maybe no one will notice.” That must have been the overall theme of the last Faraday and BLM conference call.

Since BLM approved Faraday’s request to drill and disturb fewer sites than it originally requested back in 2022, a move that at best is unethical and at worst illegal, they have been moving at light speed.

From a visit on May 10th to a visit on May 17th, Faraday has progressed from clearing and drilling pads 17 and 46 to beginning the clearing of pads 12 and 16. All four current locations were previously requested in the 2022 application that is still waiting for approval from BLM.

Here are the latest photos from community members’ latest visit.

Left is the May 17th aerial view of what was identified as “Pad 12” from Faraday’s original 2022 application on the right.

Next. Left is the May 17th visit of the location identified as “Pad 16” from the 2022 application on the right.

What’s more, in order to complete these sites before anyone notices, they are working through the night.

We won’t even get into Section 2.3.3 of the original 2022 Plan of Operation that stated :
“To the extent practicable, vegetation clearing activities would be performed outside of the breeding/fledgling season for migratory birds (March 1 through August 31). “

Below are images from some of the watchdogs’ night-time check ins on May 19th.

Looks like there is no stopping it, so we will at least document it.

Thanks to all for the support.



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