Faraday has been busy announcing upcoming funding. Wonder if they know about the request to cease and desist operations on the 11 exploratory sites unlawfully approved by BLM?

A letter dated May 21 from the Center for Biological Diversity requested the BLM to immediately revoke the May 1, 2024 Approval and decision pending compliance with BLM’s statutory and regulatory requirements under NEPA, FLPMA, the ESA, and its Tribal consultation duties, and immediately require Faraday to halt all land disturbing activities at these 11 sites and in the 1,324 acre project area of the Copper Canyon Exploration Project.

One day earlier, on May 20, a letter from the Lower San Pedro Watershed Alliance (LSPWA) to the BLM demanded the BLM “cease all drilling at those 11 sites and then proceed with completion of the EA, including  meaningful public participation associated with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and consultations associated with the National Historic Properties Act (NHPA).

The LSPWA asserts the financial interests of a Canadian corporation are being prioritized by the BLM over conservation in southern Arizona’s highest-value ecological landscape – and that they are dodging public participation entirely and violating a key statute related to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

As a follow up to prove the sites currently being drilled under the approved NOI, here is the email from Faraday Copper to BLM stating that 5 of the sites were from the original 2022 application.

Stay tuned for updates.

Thanks to all for your support.



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